September 14-15, 2020
12:00 - 19:00 GMT

Cancer Virtual 2020

Theme: To Fill the Gap of Knowledge Sharing in Cancer Science
Scientific Sessions
Cancer And Its Relevance With Other Diseases

  • Circulating microRNAs
  • Death from cancer and death from other causes

Managing Cancer Care & Patient Support

Advances In Cancer Research And Treatment

Radiology And Imaging Technologies

Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy

  • Tumor immunology
  • Immuno oncology
  • Regulators and biomarkers of immunotherapy response

Cancer Causes And Risk Factors

  • Common Cancer Myths and Misconceptions
  • Genes that cause cancer
  • Inflammatory disorders

DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer

  • Oxidative DNA damage in man
  • UV-induced DNA damage
  • p53 mutations in human cancers

Cancer Prevention Vaccines

  • Research to improve cancer treatment vaccines
  • Effects of cancer vaccine
  • Hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine

Clinical and Medical Case Reports

  • Lymphoma and leukemia
  • Managing clinical knowledge 
  • Germ cell tumor

Medical Imaging For Cancer

Cancer Pathology And Genetics

Cancer R&D Market Analysis

  • Monoclonal antibody “gold rush”
  • Market spiral pricing of cancer drugs
  • Exosome cancer diagnostic reaches market

Surgical And Clinical Oncology

  • Melanoma surgery
  • Gall bladder oncology
  • True personalized medicine in oncology
  • Gynaecologic oncology

Cancer Screening & Diagnosis

Cancer Nanotechnology

Oncolytic Virus And Cancer

  • Herpes simplex virus
  • Protein inhibitor 
  • Viruses against colorectal cancer

Nutrition And Metabolism

  • Diet induced thermogenesis
  • Fructose, insulin resistance, and metabolic dyslipidemia
  • Society for clinical nutrition and metabolism

Cancer Epidemiology

  • Evolution of cancer treatments
  • Advancement of cancer survivorship
  • Epidemiology: Chronic disease, cancer, and exercise

MicroRNA and Cancer

  • MicroRNAs as markers for drug toxicity
  • MicroRNAs in cancer diagnostics and personalized medicine
  • Technologies for studying Non-coding RNAs

SNP And Cancer

Oncology Nursing Care

  • Cancer nursing partnership
  • Assisting in cancer care
  • Pediatric hematology oncology nursing

Breast Cancer

Radiation Oncology


Paediatric Oncology

  • Paediatric palliative care
  • Psychosocial care of paediatric oncology
  • Paediatric haematology

Cancer Biology

  • Tumor biology
  • Cancer epigenetics
  • Oncogenes & Proto-oncogenes
  • Tumour suppressor genes


  • Combination chemotherapy
  • Neoadjuvant
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy
  • Chemotherapy regimens
  • Cytoxic chemotherapy

Cancer Surgery

  • Thoracic surgery
  • Nuclear medicine working
  • Cancer gastric surgery

COVID-19 Infection in Cancer Patients

COVID-19 Cancer Patient Care

Cancer Patient Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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