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Magnus Group (MG) is initiated to meet a need and to pursue collective goals of the scientific community specifically focusing in the field of Sciences, Engineering, and technology to endorse exchanging of the ideas & knowledge which facilitate the collaboration between the scientists, academicians and researchers of same field or interdisciplinary research.

Magnus Group is proficient in organizing conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops with the ingenious and peerless speakers throughout the world providing you and your organization with a broad range of networking opportunities to globalize your research and create your own identity.

Magnus Webinars
Dec 14-15, 2020
12:00 - 19:00 GMT
Theme: Exchange questions, answers, and best practices in the field of Nursing
After the successful completion of three editions, we are excited to announce its 4th Edition "NURSING VIRTUAL 2020" during December 14-15, 2020, enlightening the latest innovative research, real life challenges and experiences in nurs [....]
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