November 11-12, 2020
12:00 - 19:00 GMT

Plant Biology Virtual 2020

Theme: A drive to thrive plant sciences
Scientific Sessions
Plant Biotechnology and Applications

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

Plant and Environment

Plant Biochemistry and Biosystems

Plant Molecular Biology

Agronomy and Agricultural Research

Plant Ecology and Taxonomy

Phytochemical Analysis

Microbiology and Phycology

Plant Sciences and Research

Plant Pathology and Mycology

Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences

Plant Diseases and Bryology

Plant Anatomy and Morphology

Plant Science: Antibodies, Antigens and Antibiotics

Plant Metabolic Engineering

Plant Hormones

Plant Genetics and Genomics

Plant Tissue Culture

Plant Neurobiology

Sensing and Signalling in Plant Stress Response

Forest Science and Silviculture

Horticulture and Floriculture

Plants Entomology and Pest Management

Proteomics & Phenomics

Plant Morphology and Physiology

Plant Systematics and Evolution

Plant Chemistry and Eco Physiology

Plant Sciences and Plant Research

Plant Developmental Biology

Plant Cell Biology and Molecular Biotechnology

Seed Science and Crop protection

Plants response to biotic and abiotic factors

Plant - Microbe interactions

Plant - Insect interactions

Plant - Animal interactions

Plant Reproductive Biology

Vegetative propagation in plants

Photosynthesis, plastids and organelles


Whole-Plant: Environmental and Ecophysiological

Plants bioinformatics and epigenetics

Plant genes and genomics: molecular genomics, gene regulation and gene editing

Plants and health science

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