September 28-29, 2020
12:00 - 19:00 GMT

Surgery Virtual 2020

Theme: Discover the New Possibilities and Recent Innovations in Surgery & Anaesthesia
About Surgery Virtual 2020

We are glad to announce our International Webinar Surgery & Anesthesia "SURGERY VIRTUAL 2020" on September 28-29, 2020.

As this COVID-19 global pandemic has implemented restrictions on entry and exit, we are here with an efficient learning and sharing process from your comfort zone. This webinar will feature Keynote presentation, Oral presentation, Poster presentation from the most incredible speakers around the world.

We aim to unify all the people indulged in this vast field to share the knowledge, explore and look forward to the new way by integrating new thoughts and customizing the limits of future technology.

Join to explore and experience the most valuable, unique, and remarkable research in the fields of Surgery and Anesthesia.

Don't miss out on this opportunity at your finger tip...

Surgery Virtual 2020 Keynote Speakers
Keynote speaker for Surgery Virtual 2020 - Ricky Rasschaert

Ricky Rasschaert

ZNA Middelhim Belgium
Keynote speaker for Surgery Webinar- Birgitta Dresp Langley

Birgitta Dresp Langley

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) - France
Keynote speaker for Surgery webinar - Agnese Ozolina

Agnese Ozolina

Rigas Stradins University ,Lativia
Keynote speaker for Surgery Virtual 2020  - Sagar Aravind Jawale

Sagar Aravind Jawale

Jawale Institute of Pediatric Surgery, India
Surgery Virtual 2020 Speakers
Speaker for Surgery webinar - Anastasia Otamas

Anastasia Otamas

Potential Speaker for Surgery Virtual 2020 - Abdus Samee Wasim

Abdus Samee Wasim

Birmingham Orthopaedic Training Programme, United Kingdom
Speaker for surgery Webinar- Agnese Ozolina

Agnese Ozolina

Rigas Stradins University ,Lativia
Potential Speaker for Surgery Virtual 2020 - Sachi Shah

Sachi Shah

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital,UK
Speaker for Surgery Webinar-Gamal Al-Saied

Gamal Al-Saied

Al-Azhar University,Cairo, Egypt.
Speaker for Surgery Webinar- Ashfaq Chandio

Ashfaq Chandio

Luton & Dunstable University Hospital ,United Kingdom
Speaker for surgery Webinar-  Arpit Bakulash Patel

Arpit Bakulash Patel

Royal Free Hospital ,London
Speaker for Surgery Webinar- Frederico Marcio Varela Ayres de Melo Junior

Frederico Marcio Varela Ayres de Melo Junior

Maurício de Nassau University, Brazil
Speaker for Surgery Webinar- Camilla Siqueira de Aguiar

Camilla Siqueira de Aguiar

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco,Brazil
Speaker for Surgery Webinar- Maria Luísa Alves Lins

Maria Luísa Alves Lins

Federal University of Pernambuco,Brazil
Speaker for Surgery Webinar- Lohana Maylane Aquino Correia de Lima

Lohana Maylane Aquino Correia de Lima

Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
Scientific Sessions
  • Neuro Surgery, Brain and Spine
  • COVID 19 and Surgery
  • Clinical and Experimental Surgery
  • Obestetrics and Gynaecological Surgery
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Surgical Techniques
  • Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • COVID-19 Guidance for Surgeons
  • Risks of Surgery during COVID-19
  • Surgery in times of COVID-19: Issues and Safeguards
  • Surgical Guidelines during COVID 19
  • Surgery in COVID-19 Patients: Operational Directives
  • Anaesthetic Medications and Drugs
  • Trends in Anesthesia and Critical Care
  • Anesthesia Equipment
Who Can Attend?
  • Surgeons from all Medical Departments
  • General Surgeons
  • Research Scholars
  • Scientists
  • Physicians
  • Clinical Researchers
  • Academic Researchers
  • Professors & Assistant Professors
  • Health Care Companies
  • Surgical Device Manufacturers
  • Anesthesia Device Manufacturers
  • Anaesthesiologists
  • Medical Professionals
  • Medical Students
  • Nurses
  • Surgical Oncologists
  • Doctors from all Health Care Departments
  • Anaesthetic Drug Experts
  • Members for Surgeons Associations and Societies
  • Members for Anaesthesiologists Associations and Societies
Registration Includes :
  • Access to all Presentations
  • Abstract Publication with assigned DOI
  • E-Abstract Book and Program
  • E-Certificate for Presentation and Participation
  • Promotion in Conference Website and Social Media
  • Access to All Participants Mailing List
Benefits of Joining Webinar :
  • Get Certified for your Participation
  • Reduced Costs and Affordability
  • Knock Down Geographical Barriers
  • Convenience from Comfort of your Own Home or from Work
  • They're Archived: Ability to View Events in the Recording
  • Great Resource for Learning New Career Skills
  • Learn from the Pros
  • Global Exposure to your Research
  • Make New Connections
  • Significant Time Saving
  • Increased Engagement
  • Wider Reach
  • More Engaging
  • Position yourself as the Expert
Guidelines for Joining Webinar :
  • After you register for the webinar, you will receive a meeting invite with personalized user ID for webinar access. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not see this email in your inbox.
  • Follow the steps provided to join the webinar 1 or 2 days prior, for preventing any technical issues on day of the event.
  • Please join the webinar 30 minutes early to minimize last minute issues.
  • Ensure that your device meets the system requirements for running this application.
  • For audio, it is always better to attach an external device.
  • If you have audio issues, please check your application audio settings and your computer speakers.
  • Sit in a quiet location where you will have good network access with no disturbance.
  • Mute your audio while others are presenting. Those who wish to ask questions or to discuss, should raise hand and host will unmute you at the end of the talk.
  • You need an external device for connecting your video, if you are joining from a computer.
Guidelines for Presenters :
  • Each speaker will have 20 minutes for presentation. Please plan your talk for 17-19 minutes to allow for introduction and Q&A session at the end of your talk.
  • In order to stay in track of time, please ensure that you start and end your presentation on the times indicated in the program.
  • The working language of the webinar is English.
  • The presentation should be submitted in PDF or PPT Format.
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